Originally a concept band for one special performance way back in 1995, the 5 Card Studs have proved too important to go away quietly. They are the ultimate Vegas Show-meets-Blue Collar American Band there is. Between the five members they have over 100 years of musical performing experience! Lots of things about the Studs can be said, but the main sentiment is, people having a good time… all the time! The sound is a blend of musical styles that is at best difficult to describe, but impossible to resist. The Studs twist very familiar and popular songs from the 60s, 70s and alike to dizzying new heights of musical enlightenment. Sure they’re a cover band, but unlike one you have ever seen or heard. Those who have seen a Studs show know that it is an integral experience that completes an entertainment void in their lives!

Las Vegas-styled revue, performing over-the-top, swinging covers of pop and rock songs. They put a particular emphasis on the AM Gold hits of the ’60s and ’70s, covering brass-laden hits from Engelbert Humperdink, The Spinners, Neil Diamond and, of course, Tom Jones. Their song book has grown each year, as they’ve added more and more old favorites. At this point, the boys cover most every hit from the disco era worth covering.
-Evan Rytlewski / Shepherd Express