While things slowly start getting back to being able to boogie again,  
we went into the recording studio to come up with a li’l
something that will hopefully put a little smile on your face and give a distracting moment of levity during this
otherwise very difficult time.
The COVID-19 virus might seem as though it’s running things, but it’s not. Why? Because COVID-19 is just not sexy.
Global pandemics are temporary.
Sexy is FOREVER.
Just remember, even though things may not be like they used to,
if you keep gettin’ down with the Studs
“the bad times some day will get good”.
Stay safe, be well and we’ll see you at the next show!
Love, 5CS

Five class gents and one incredible lady.

Put them on any stage, anytime, anywhere and FORGET about it…

This is big time.


This is IT, Babies…

“Ladies and Gentlemen…these are the 5 CARD STUDS!”

What began as a “just for kicks” one-time show on a New Years Eve has grown into an entertainment juggernaut that has played hundreds of shows to thousands of people for almost twenty five years, garnering devoted fans from around the country and beyond.   Taking hit songs that made the late 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s great, the 5 Card Studs breathe new life into them for a new generation to get down to for years to come!

The 5 Card Studs live experience is an exciting and unique blend of what made the days of the original “Superstar” fantastic.  They take the moxie of an old school Vegas-style show lounge performance, the on-set celebrity hijinx from a classic TV game show, the onstage danger of classic arena rock and roll, and ALL the boogie bang of Studio 54, then mix it all together and make you realize that it truly works…and that IT. IS. DYNAMITE!

Whether performing in a small club, at an outdoor festival, a wedding, corporate or other private event, see what’s made them one of the most sought after live bands of the past two decades, ANYwhere.

Dig in and find out for yourself why there’s no other experience like the 5 Card Studs!

Winner Specialty/Nostalgia Group – Wisconsin Area Music Awards – WAMI 2004
Winner Tribute Band Of The Year – Wisconsin Area Music Awards – WAMI 2011
Winner Best Cover/Tribute Band – Shepherd Express – Best of Milwaukee 2016
Nominated Best Tribute Artist – Wisconsin Area Music Awards – WAMI 2017
Nominated Best Cover Artist – Wisconsin Area Music Awards – WAMI 2020

``The best cover bands often have a sense of humor about being a cover band. That’s certainly the case for Milwaukee lounge enthusiasts 5 Card Studs who, for the last two decades, have been performing their own fantasy version of a Las Vegas-style revue, complete with swinging, brassy covers of hits by acts like The Spinners, Neil Diamond and, of course, Tom Jones.``- Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express Magazine