Rocky Mountains

Lead & Backing Vocals

From her early childhood upbringing on the road as the hilarious singing and dancing sidekick “Our Li’l  Barkeep” with bawdy husband and wife comedy duo Jerry & Sherri, Ms. Rocky Mountains has come to know that the stage is a four letter word – “home”.

Loved and adored for her natural talent, the public could never get enough of the child star.  However, the rigors of the road made that road quite “rocky” and began to take their toll. As they say, “Showbiz takes no prisoners.” On the evening of her 1,000th performance with the duo (a particularly disastrous performance at Greenwich Village’s Café Wha?), the usual “post-game celebrating” quickly spiraled out of control. After what has now been coined “the Donkey Incident”, she realized it was time for help. Rocky Mountains entered and successfully exited rehab (at age seven) and for a while left the “home” that was the stage for other pursuits.

She became a prolific and accomplished visual artist.  Her explosive talent garnered high praise and in a very short period of time many of her works were featured in galleries from coast to coast and soon, abroad.  However, many were wary and resentful of the “young upstart”. Her now-infamous 1983 portraits exhibition at L.A’s Gallerie Nil entitled “Yup-They’ve All Got Big Feet!” was lauded by the public but summarily panned by the art community.  It would prove too much to bear.  Rocky Mountains folded the easel and went into a fourteen year-long seclusion. Luckily for all of us, she realized that she couldn’t stay away from the “home” of the stage. Looking back on this period of her career, the lady herself says, “Listen, sometimes you just gotta put your fishnets on one leg at a time and GIVE it to the PEOPLE.”

Ms. Rocky Mountains made her comeback to “sing a couple” with the 5 Card Studs at their second show in 1995, then over the years appeared occasionally as a “guest vocalist”.  For the fans, it wasn’t enough and their demand has made Ms. Rocky Mountains a now permanent fixture on the 5 Card Studs’ landscape.

Ms. Mountains’ interests are keeping it real, not taking no mess and post-structuralist queer theory.  She is an Aries.

(Fun Fact: Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat cited Rocky Mountains as a major influence!)