Reno Nevada

Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass 

Often times a man needs no introduction.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you a man of worldly distinction, heady insight and adjunct essentiality, Mr. RENO NEVADA!

Having held down the bottom and fronting numerous musical outfits of his own in the past, Reno’s stellar bass playing and bold, soulful vocal style are themselves leading elements in the 5 Card Studs’ aural fold.

Switching between bassist/backing vocalist duties to occasionally being the Studs’ lead vocalist may seem almost too much to handle for even an extra-ordinary performer, but Mr. Nevada is anything but extraordinary…

Reno is a very cerebral man and what is sometimes mistaken for as a kind of trancelike state onstage is really just the man contemplating life’s many mysteries – cushioned toilet seats, his extreme distaste for child safety regulations, Haley’s Comet (as Reno says, “What’s the big deal??”), his fascination with LED Light technology and, above all, life’s Nancy Drew mysteries (his favorite).

While the Studs’ hectic schedule consumes most of his time, Reno Nevada still somehow finds ways to fulfill his other pursuits outside of the group.  He is a world-renowned Nativity scene taxidermist, curator of the Reno Nevada Handcuff Museum and his vast wealth from performing allows him to continue his almost unhealthy obsession of collecting random roller coaster parts

Reno is an Aquarius.

(FUN FACT: Reno participates in amateur Clone Wars re-enactments!)