5 Card Studs merchandise now available ONLINE and at all shows!

5 Card Studs – Live at Scotty’s – $10
15 smoking-hot tracks of Studs goodness, captured live for your aural pleasure! Recorded live at the now defunct Scotty’s Bar, “Live At Scotty’s” is loaded with all of the hotness you get from seeing a live 5 Card Studs show. It’s the next best thing to being there.
Featuring the Hi-Lo Horns!

5 Card Studs – DVD “So Big It’s Alive” – $5
The first release by the 5 Card Studs, “So Big It’s Alive” captures a classic show with the Studs in their element, filmed live at the Northern Lights Theater in Milwaukee, WI. This full-length concert of the classic early-era Studs lays down the sexy and will leave you wanting more, more, MORE!
Special extras include outtakes, TV appearances and five audio tracks only available on this release.

5 Card Studs – Apparel – $10
When it comes to your wardrobe, there’s only one way to “up the ante” …
Wearing 5 Card Studs apparel not only shows that you know what’s up, it gives you that swish in your sway, that hotness in your strut and that extra “HUH!” that’ll make ’em do the double take.
Get your new Studs “Comeback Special” logo t-shirt, babydoll shirt or strappy lady tank top for when it gets hot! For the more daring, get a 5 Card Studs ladies’ (or dudes’…??…WE DON’T DISCRIMINATE) thong for when it gets even hotter! We even have 5 Card Studs adorable and cuddly onesies…”for the babies”!

(LADIES THONG and some T-Shirt sizes are temporarily out of stock until April, 2018. Please email with size inquiries prior to ordering!)

Size / Style

5 Card Studs – Naughty and Nice – $10
The 5 Card Studs second full-length holiday record, culled from live radio recordings.  This disc gives you the “full monty”, featuring Ms. Rocky Mountains!

5 Card Studs – North Side of the Pole – $5
The now classic holiday-themed CD Single…two tracks to prime your pump for the eggnogg.  Featuring a Studs twist on a classic Pink Floyd song that will certainly make you wonder why they didn’t do it like this in the first place.

5 Card Studs – Christmas Wishes – $10
The classic first holiday release from the 5 Card Studs, featuring “My Favorite Drinks”, “Merry Christmas, Baby”, “The XXXmas Song” and a special holiday greeting from the band.

Ho Ho HI-YO!

Blake Tahoe’s “¡El Bandito!” Cologne for Men – $70/oz.

The Five Card Studs are pleased to announce our new line of “signature scents”, the first of which is Blake ‘the Lake’ Tahoe’s “¡El Bandito!” Cologne for Men.
Banned on three continents, its body is a heady, extremely aromatic and complex bouquet, featuring hints of gunpowder, cumin, hoof dust, oil of habanero, outlaw sweat, saddle leather and gold bullion. In a nutshell – the smell of DANGER. Think that you can “tame the gusto”? Some say to wear “¡El Bandito!” is to put one’s life into their own hands…but if you can last the whole ride you’ll remember it. Forever.

“¡El Bandito!”.
One splash and you’ll become a “wanted man”.

(*Only available in “family size”.)