Les Vegas

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Much like the multitude of sounds he brings to the Studs’ sonic palette, keyboardist “sans précédent” Les Vegas is a complex man.  Many things can be said about him from an outsider’s point of view, but perhaps it’s best to let Mr. Vegas explain a typical day in the life, in his own words…

“I’m a man who likes his day to start with a bold cup of coffee as the spring air caresses my skin.  Bailing hay and changing oil make the morning routine too perfect for this citizen.  I call out “Rosebud!” and remember a story I once heard of a solitary man standing alone in the distance, wondering how often that man was himself called a horse.

Many times I’ve succeeded in mountain climbing, but only occasionally upon the summit has it occurred to me that we’re all so close to the real meaning of friendship with the elks.

I enjoy making faces at people so they may get confused, because I am only a man on a mission of love.

I do not prefer the often too hard ice cream that a kitchen implement cannot penetrate for pleasure.  Smooth and slightly melted makes for a perfect scoop and then, only then, right in the bowl for a slippery ride down my gullet. Sundown…and the evening is set for explosions of mystery.  My eyes again look out over the horizon and close my day as it began – with a bold cup of coffee.

I rest my arm on my knee as my thoughts slowly drift into the night.”

Les is an Aries.

(FUN FACT: Les’ cool socks match his boxer shorts at EVERY gig!)