Cesar Palace

Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Cutting his teeth as a backup singer for numerous stage performers in the early to mid-70’s, Cesar Palace never really strived to be a frontman, but always somehow knew there was something out there that had more to offer.

Starting in the late 70’s, he dabbled in many different genres of music, searching for that perfect fit…and many times falling flat.  There were his short-lived “Manhattan days” as a singer for Klaus Nomi (short-lived because Nomi preferred his backup vocalists to remain silent), which by proxy transgressed into his fabled CBGB residency with the punk rock outfit “Dräuned Ratz”. As punk gave way to New Wave, “Cesar’s Seizures”, which proved too difficult for people to pronounce, played only one show.  Palace’s seemingly haphazard genre hunting (coupled with days-long parties full debauchery, games of nude Twister and substance abuse) faded into an amalgamation of confused styles which could only be loosely referred to as a “glam” phase (the non-explosive “Captain Dynamite”). This was 1985, however and glam had gone to the wayside many years prior. Also, “Captain Dynamite” was absolutely terrible. Palace was running out of options.

It all came down to one storied evening in Greenwich Village (incidentally at the same spot of Rocky Mountains’ “Donkey Incident”). Having exhausted most of his original ideas, Mr. Palace was performing a one-man Dylan revue (sadly billed as “The Times They Haven’t A-Changed”). To a minimal crowd teeming with jeers and sheer disinterest, he left the stage mid-set, his heart crushed.  Drowning his sorrows at the bar afterward, Palace met and struck up a conversation with one Mr. Reno Nevada and the rest, as they say, “is what happened…”

While having spent years honing his craft though different guises, Cesar Palace has become a coach-class entertainer who shimmies to own 100% sweat-equity in the entertainment business, one hip-shake at a time.

His interests are velour, things made of teak, quiet nights of quiet stars and midnight at the Oasis (in Lake Forest, IL).

Cesar is a Leo.
(Fun Fact: Cesar once won an arm wrestling match against Grace Jones!)