Blake “The Lake” Tahoe

Guitar, Backing Vocals

As legend has it, the man is “so big they named a lake after him”. “Legend” is talking about musicianship, but above all it’s referring to his heart…

Guitarist Blake “the Lake” Tahoe is obviously known for his huge talents onstage. Having performed for many years as session player with the likes of Billy Joe Black, The Bobby Bare Band and his infamous stint as lead player for Jambalaya Jacques & The Gumbo Boys (anyone remember the 1979 hit “Gumbo In My Shoe, Uh Huh!”?), Blake decided it was time to settle down with a group that he could call his own. Twenty one years later, the 5 Card Studs are still thankful for that decision.

The man once known mainly for “wranglin’ strings ‘n’ pretty young things®” back in the early ‘70’s, Mr. Tahoe has become a man of many interests.  Whether he’s writing celebrity analysis-themed articles for “Psychology Today”, riding purebred bison or collecting guitars once owned by Steven Segal, you’ll find him contributing to his many philanthropic pursuits.  After winning a long legal battle over the publishing rights for “Gumbo In My Shoe…”, Blake took the earnings from his settlement and in 1981 founded his first organization called “Blake Gives Back”, a foundation for the betterment of young ladies. Then came “Blake’s Li’l Honeys”, a foundation for the betterment of even more young ladies.  Tahoe went on to give ten percent of his total future earnings to “Tahoe Loves Women”, a foundation to pay off legal bills stemming from his first two “foundations”.

Blake is an Aquarius.

(FUN FACT: Blake Tahoe’s cousin is Gene Shalit!)

(FUN FACT #2: Blake’s signature fragrance “El Bandito for Men” is the only cologne banned by the EPA!)