Asti Spumanti


Having played over 10,000 shows since his childhood, Asti Spumanti has always been at home on the stage.  He is a professional’s professional. One could say his profession is being a professional professional, but let’s not get redundant.  Admired by drummers and non-drummers alike, Asti’s playing style is akin to his personality – controlled, at times humorous, always spot on and a bit like his favorite color, mauve.

His talents don’t stop at master percussionist, however. His resume also includes “master thespian”. Mr. Spumanti has appeared as a character actor in numerous ‘80’s and early ‘90’s TV shows, most notably as ‘Mail Carrier’ in Season Two of “What’s Happening?” and as ‘Concierge’ in Episode 59 of “Miami Vice”. (“If they wouldn’t have written it in for Glenn Frey to bump me off, I would’ve probably made it through the whole series. I was THAT good.”, says Asti.)  Having befriended Don Johnson from his time on the “Miami Vice” set, Spumanti went on to collaborate with and write a majority of the lyrics for Johnson’s 1986 solo album “Heartbeat” (charting with the single “Miami, Mi-am-YOU!”).  In return, Johnson wrote two songs for Asti’s own second solo album, “DENIM!!!” (“Don’t Khaki My Denim” and “She’s Chocolate On My Jeans”). After a lengthy lawsuit from a major blue jeans distributor who cannot be named here, that record was sadly never released.

Asti is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals and VELCRO.

Asti is an Aquarius.

(FUN FACT: Asti’s stage rider calls for fondue and Lucky Charms cereal!)